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Elaine has been featured in dozens of print and online publications, including AXS, Broadway World, Pancakes & Whiskey, The Great Record Chase, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The San Francisco Weekly, and ZEALnyc.

Reviews for The Hour Before

  • "A genuine artist and musician, who puts on an A+ show." - The Great Record Chase
  • "Elaine shines like a supernova … Utterly haunting… highly original" -WFMT-FM DJ Rich Warren
  • "A beautiful recording from a gifted voice more people need to hear." -WFDU-FM DJ Ron Olesko
  • "A standout from other talents." - Kay Aarons, Arena
  • "As good as songwriting gets." - songwriter Si Kahn
  • "Vibrant and inviting" -Ethnocloud
  • "A brilliant release." - Buzznet
  • "Stunning new album" - Broadway World
  • "A real star in the making." - AXS


Reviews for Real Deal

  • "Elaine's music is anything but ordinary." -
  • "Elaine Romanelli transcends any label you might be tempted to peg her with." - Lucid Culture
  • "Real Deal pulses with realistic optimism… long after the CD stops spinning the music continues to play in your head."- Main Line Tickets


Praise for Elaine

There is a quiet elegance to Elaine Romanelli's music, a thoughtfulness and intelligence that complements and underscores the stark beauty of her lyrics and melodies. ... Her themes are often quirky, her points of view unexpected, even startling, but always intellectually involving and emotionally moving. It surely is no coincidence that one of the songs on Elaine's wonderful new album is titled "Shine". Shine she does, and beautifully so.
      -Legendary songwriter and activist Si Kahn

Every week I thank Elaine for all that she brings to the community. It's not only that she has such a beautiful voice. It is that, with her voice and her music, she brings out more joy in each of us.
      -Pamela Soden, Warden, The Church of St. Matthew & St. Timothy

Elaine's music: it is humbling to hear these songs. Her strong voice and cogent compositions are so very impressive... her graceful control is abundantly clear. There is real confidence here, something I rarely hear in similar music.
      - Chris Costantino, Founder,


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